A succinct example of the modern speaker designers’ art, a statement showing that KEF the company remains a foundry for exceptional engineering.
Audition an Avid Sequel SP right now... you will never, ever, regret that you did!
The Nu-Vista 800 throws the gauntlet to top-level preamp/power amplifier separates. Musical Fidelity may have itself another integrated classic.
The best integrated amplifier ever to grace our audio testing and music-listening environment? It could be.
Take a good look at the Dynaudio Focus 600XDs, because they represent the future of reproduced sound in the home.
It’s a sweetly refined transducer which reproduces extraordinary micro-detail... something quite special
Recutting a diamond - B&W delivers a new 800 Series Diamond rebuilt from the ground all the way to that diamond tweeter on top.
If you’re in the market for a pair of state-of-the-art loudspeakers, forget the overpriced imports.
If you want a really high-powered amplifier, there’s really no need to ‘compare the market’ before taking the not-inconsiderable plunge to purchase...
This is a near-ideal design that will stand the test of time as a sonic, aesthetic and engineering classic.
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