If you want a really high-powered amplifier, there’s really no need to ‘compare the market’ before taking the not-inconsiderable plunge to purchase...
This is a near-ideal design that will stand the test of time as a sonic, aesthetic and engineering classic.
With this amplifier the Mark Levinson brand has achieved a powerhouse of thorough and skilled engineering which follows on to superb performance.
The Sasha Series-2 maintains or improves the hallmarks of the original, but also features a more natural and texturally complex tonality.
The McIntosh C2500 and MC452 excel at spectacular dynamic expression, beautiful and accurate tonality, satisfying detail retrieval, and the recreation of a generous soundfield.
Not only superb loudspeakers, but at the asking price, they also happen to represent outstanding value for money.
Certainly something out of the ordinary… and at the uppermost tranches of pricing, but I don’t think you’ll find a better-built unit
This amplifier does so many things right that it’s almost as if the designers had a tick-box from an audiophile’s wish list and worked away until they’d ticked all the boxes!
A revolutionary amplification product sporting a string of technologies including a novel hybrid amplification circuit.
If ‘low bass systems’ are the only products you build, you’d want to make absolutely certain that you build pretty good ones!
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