Tannoy’s newest loudspeaker series is the Precision range, which is based around the company’s longstanding concentric bass/tweeter drivers. With this five-speaker Precision package the Australian distributor included Tannoy’s 12-inch driver subwoofer to provide the full home cinema experience.

It’s hard to satisfactorily convey how beautifully finished this system. It isn’t so much the dark wood grain, but the lavishing of a deep, deep gloss that made me reluctant even to touch them.

The cones of the drivers were silvery in finish and each is surrounded by what looks like a machined metal ring, also silvery in colour. We generally review (and live) with grilles off our speakers, but in this case we quite quickly put the grilles on; aesthetically there was simply too much lairy-looking silver on display. Personal choice.

The grilles attach magnetically — or perhaps by magic, since there were no obvious magnets — but the stretched black cloth was still fairly revealing, leaving the outlines of the drivers all visible through the material. If it weren’t for that, these would have been among the most elegant speakers we’ve ever reviewed.

The Precision 6.4 floorstanders come with a pre-attached plinth which protrudes slightly to the sides at the front and rear, and is drilled through for attaching the supplied spikes. These are more substantial than the norm and can be adjusted by means of an Allen key (also supplied). Ideally you should remove the plinths and a further plate underneath and load the revealed 100mm-deep compartment with dry sand to further ground the speaker.

Each stands a touch over a metre tall and the sides are curved back to a narrower rear. These, and all the others, are bi-wirable with substantial binding posts and jumpers. Rather than the usual metal strips, these jumpers are short lengths of insulated high quality speaker cable, terminated at one end with a banana plug and the other with a spade lug.

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