Truly wireless, since even the power cables are optional, and CD-quality wireless at that, Aurender’s compact solution isn’t cheap, but the results are excellent.
Pick your colour, place your coaxial KEFs and fire up the app. Mains cables aside, these are truly wireless speakers that lift music to hi-fi levels.
The ‘2i’ edition of the Pulse Mini brings enhanced connectivity but also a higher level of performance.
We voted down the sound quality here, but on the other hand it’s the biggest speaker from the group we tested — and hey, it floats...
One of the latest additions to Yamaha’s extensive MusicCast ecosystem, the MusicCast 50 proves both attractive and versatile.
Part-Australian in development, the HEOS system continues to expand through Denon and Marantz, while its speakers gain new ‘HS2’ powers.
A premium portable through and through, B&W’s T7 shows that the company’s approach to quality goes all the way down to the small stuff.
A screen on a smart speaker brings both gains and losses, but the Hub proves addictive.
JBL’s record in portable speakers is impeccable — but can the Link 20 pull off the trick of adding smarts without spoiling the sonics?
The portable Bluetooth M1 is the smallest speaker in our test, yet proves that a small sound can still be an enjoyable sound.
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