This is one sensational system - loaded with cleverness, led by its eponymous touchscreen.
ML’s Ethos rewards with a life-like presence that stuns!
Breakthrough acoustic technology for a targeted bass performance.
We feel rather at home with Creek’s updated stereo system.
Yamaha has made some interesting choices in its new receiver.
A new level of connectivity for this price point.
Swans Speakers is a relative newcomer to the competitive Australian market. As part of an umbrella organisation that manufactures OEM speaker drivers (under the HiVi brand) and enclosures Swans Speakers has access to a wide resource pool that allows it to produce extremely competitive products incorporating thoroughly-engineered componentry...
The Boston Horizon home theatre speaker system is radically different from any other speaker system that you’ve likely used before. Indeed even from the norms of what is traditionally considered essential in loudspeaker design. Yet... it works! It works very well indeed.
One look at dB Dynamics’ new Orion package will have you wondering how it’s possible to produce a full 5.1-channel home theatre system that looks so good at such a low price.
No-one could fail to be impressed by Whatmough’s P33s. They’re finished in a superb Bubinga real wood veneer (a metallic duco is also available) and stand 1.2 metres tall on a 260×430mm footprint. But more than that, they’re shaped more like pieces of modern sculpture than loudspeakers.
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