The aesthetic beauty of MartinLogan’selectrostatic speakers is such that they have appeared in dozens of films and TV series. Their outstanding looks and unusual design make them desirable visual fodder for art directors.
Denon’s newest generation of AV receivers is beginning to appear. The first one we got our hands on was the AVR-3312, and this is the model traditionally one down from Denon’s mainstream high-end model. One point of interest is that the distributor seems to have taken advantage of the stronger Australian dollar to bring the price of this unit down to $1699. Previously Denon receivers have been fine units, but perhaps a tad pricey. Now they are just fine units.
By default the unit doesn’t do anything to HDMI video, but just passes it through to the TV. But even in this case the receiver can still overlay its graphical menu over the top of whatever video the unit is conveying...
Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, it was easy to tell a professional recording studio from a ‘wannabe’. You only had to go in and look at their monitor loudspeakers.
Elipson’s Planet L spherical speakers make quite the design statement in any room. These are no mini spheres; they’re big old eyeballs, as many a visitor to S+I HQ called them — the sphere diameter is 29cm, and they seem even bigger.
Now AV receivers are generally to be approached with some trepidation. With the arrival of home networking and internet radio, they are no longer merely amplifiers+radio, which is the traditional definition of a receiver
5.1-channel loudspeaker package can potentially occupy a good deal of floor space — indeed, with some systems, a noticeable proportion of the entire volume of a room. So it isn’t surprising that satellite loudspeaker/subwoofer systems enjoy some popularity.
We enjoy the emotional response from this midrange pair of British-branded standmounting stereo speakers.
Five sensitive spherical satellites and a subwoofer from French company Cabasse prove a sensational surround solution.
Backing up serious components with serious power.
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