The ultimate expression of the Direct/Reflecting principle?
The best processor is chopped in half.
The conclusion from my truly subjective tests is that the spectral balance of the DC-7 G4 MkII over the midrange is aurally perfect.
Yamaha’s third generation of its premium ‘Aventage’ range is here. Now consisting of five models, the RX-A1020 is right in the middle, but shares some of the higher end features.
This networked receiver clearly demonstrates that you don’t need to be rich these days to enjoy a fine home theatre experience.
Focal’s Bird 2.1 Pack offers hi-fi with a cunning hidden ‘subwoofer’ and the option of lossless streaming from Apple devices.
Desktop audio is often considered a dirty term in hi-fi circles.
In InCar’s last issue we featured a stunning yellow Nissan Silvia which is, more or less, an identical twin of the 200SX we get in this country. This time around we’re showcasing this superb the other doppelganger in an outstanding colour mix of golden top half and silver bottom, split with a tribal theme. Noice!
ProAc’s brochures—and its website—carry the boast: ‘Quality Speakers—Proudly Made in England."
We reviewed this Yamaha RX-V671 immediately after the packing up of its big, big, big sibling, the Yamaha ‘Aventage’ RX-A3010. That $2699 receiver had been justly awarded by Sound+Image for its all-round excellence. The RX-671, however, is Yamaha’s entry-level ‘network’ receiver.
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