Pioneer doesn’t enjoy running second to anyone, therefore when its abilities were called into question it commenced development on a new range called the Reference Series.
Some head units are aimed at the more serious audio enthusiast and the current king of the pile is the new CA-CD800 receiver.
You can follow the tracks the little Usher S-520s have made across the Internet back more than seven years, so there’s no doubt it’s popular with audiophiles…
I can almost hear the gasps of dismay when audiophiles take their first look at the Marantz PM-KI-Pearl-Lite. They’ll look at those tone controls on the front panel and say: ‘Tone controls? On an audiophile amplifier? Ken just has to be joking!’
NuVo’s multiroom audio system comes with its own ‘gateway’ wireless router to generate a dedicated network for audio.
Usher Audio is going from strength to strength as a speaker manufacturer, and the new Usher Dancer Mini-X Diamond is a perfect example of all the company’s strengths
From Amber Technology’s ‘custom’ range, Integra’s DTR 70.4 delivers brilliant new media support, but doesn’t neglect the basics.
This package of Canadian speakers proves as beautiful in their sonic output as they are in their fine finish and build.
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