They’re still easily able to outperform many other speakers… many that, just between us, are significantly more expensive too.
Dynaudio’s Xeo speakers aim to reinvent the hi-fi experience wirelessly, and the neat new Xeo 2 offers a great starting point.
Take a good look at the Dynaudio Focus 600XDs, because they represent the future of reproduced sound in the home.
Recutting a diamond - B&W delivers a new 800 Series Diamond rebuilt from the ground all the way to that diamond tweeter on top.
Superb-sounding speakers. They’ll perform best on speaker stands, but even on a bookshelf or wall-mounted they outperform other similarly-priced small speakers.
This is a near-ideal design that will stand the test of time as a sonic, aesthetic and engineering classic.
You will be hard put for find many loudspeakers capable of delivering anything like this level of low frequency performance.
The addition of Bluetooth to Focal’s XS Book delivers a thoroughly modern stereo solution at a price which genuinely surprised us.
The Bowers & Wilkins CM6 S2 loudspeakers delivered such a startlingly realistic performance that occasionally we shivered with the sheer excitement of it all.
This year, to celebrate his eponymously-named company’s 40th anniversary, Krix has designed and built forty very special pairs of loudspeakers
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