They’re musical, capable of taking power, and they offer thrilling horn clarity
Andrew Jones' debut for Elac has pulled off a range of extremely attractive speakers both in terms of design and sonics.
You’re certainly not going to get sound as good from any other pair of similarly-priced floor-standers.
Extremely attractive… impeccable fit and finish …superlative performance…we have a new small monitor reference in our hot little hands!
Deliver a clean, crisp and a totally musically satisfyingly sound with bass that is deep and extended
Regardless of size, even of brand, we reckon you won't find better sound for the price than that available from the Dynaudio Contour 20 speakers.
The Sydney Morning Herald’s hi-fi columnist, Rod Easdown, says that Richter’s Wizard is the biggest-selling Australian speaker in history
If you’re looking for big sound from a pair of bookshelf speakers, it doesn’t come any bigger than from the Krix Acoustix Mk2.
A succinct example of the modern speaker designers’ art, a statement showing that KEF the company remains a foundry for exceptional engineering.
With the Epicon 6, DALI has achieved a remarkably detailed, transparent and dynamically lively speaker, beautifully styled and finished.
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