The superb results speak for themselves. This is a fantastic result for Jamo’s design engineers.
The audio industry presents the consumer with a staggering over-abundance of choice when it comes to loudspeakers. There are products to fit any budget from the entry level to the if-you-need-to-ask products that cost as much as a new German or Italian sports car.
The Dali Ikon 6 is rather better value than the larger more expensive Ikon 7
The superb A-S700 Shares many merits with the award winning AS-1000 at less than half the cost.
Dynaudio Confidence C4 LoudspeakersThe Dynaudio Confidence C4 speakers are not budget offerings from the Danes-other products from the company occupy those lower rungs. However what the C4s do offer is immaculate build gorgeous design and superb sound
In addition to being a headphone amplifier and a DAC that will convert your digital audio files to analogue (via a USB interface) the Black Cube Linear is also a high-end preamplifier.
the Elac FS249s just respond to increases in volume in text-book fashion by simply delivering more of the same… except louder!
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