The Kama 5 uses two identical bass/midrange drivers and a dome tweeter in a layout that’s very familiar for designer Dr Rod Crawford who pioneered it when he was Senior Acoustics Engineer for Linn Products in Scotland using this very layout when designing the famous Kaber for Linn in 1987…
One of the most interesting aspects of the evolution of the Kantu is that because Crawford is constantly evaluating new drivers he has changed the ones used in the Kantu at least twice to my knowledge
Bose has been playing its ‘let’s hide the bass box during the demo’ trick on journalists for so long that when I first heard the amount of bass coming from the company’s new Computer MusicMonitor computer speakers I automatically looked under the table for the bass bin. When it wasn’t there I looked behind the flatscreen monitor. I looked in vain. This time around Bose really has delivered speakers that deliver amazing levels of bass from incredibly tiny enclosures.
No longer does surround sound always mean the lossy compression of Dolby Digital or DTS. No longer is it limited to the relatively sparse offerings on DVD-Audio or SACD. The Blu-ray format delivers the highest of high-fidelity sound at ocean-deep bit depths and stratospheric sampling frequencies with multiple channels and no loss of data thanks to Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.
Bringing glory back to the PPI name.
This well-regarded Focal JM Lab model started life in St Etienne France as the Cobalt 806 and was highly popular for several years before being re-invented in a slightly more expensive ‘Signature’ version. Now it seems JMLab has decided to retire the entire Cobalt series which means it’s the end of the line for the Cobalt 806S.
Dynaudio Confidence C4 LoudspeakersThe Dynaudio Confidence C4 speakers are not budget offerings from the Danes-other products from the company occupy those lower rungs. However what the C4s do offer is immaculate build gorgeous design and superb sound
For many years one of the finest sets of loudspeakers in the world has been the Signature I-93 from Adelaide-based manufacturer VAF Research. Over time these have been subtly enhanced but now the company has launched a Mark II version.
The audio industry presents the consumer with a staggering over-abundance of choice when it comes to loudspeakers. There are products to fit any budget from the entry level to the if-you-need-to-ask products that cost as much as a new German or Italian sports car.
Short on fascia long on abilities the latest CD and amp pair from the UK’s Cyrus proves both versatile and impressive.
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