Short on fascia long on abilities the latest CD and amp pair from the UK’s Cyrus proves both versatile and impressive.
Last year we reviewed very favourably the superb Magnum2 home theatre package from Australian speaker manufacturer Whatmough. Not one to rest on its laurels the good folk at Whatmough saw fit to conduct some fine-tuning to the Magnum main left and right speakers.
An award-winner has been fuel injected to create these do-it-all network-streaming iPod-docking boxes.
These stunningly-finished speakers are Boston Acoustic’s top-of-the-line package for slam-dunk movies and music.
We enjoy VAF Research’s Signature surround system big in every way and including the award-winning SW19 subwoofer.
The Small Red aims at offering much of the considerable sonic qualities of the Big Red sans DEQX in a smaller passive single-box stand-mount package. What a challenge!
Creek’s most powerful ever stereo amp looks conventional but hides some unusual design and operational features.
Linn's Akurate 212 loudspeakers are notable not only for their extraordinarily high price but also because of their unique aluminium sub-assembly...
The Wilson Audio’s Sophia 2 is a superb loudspeaker in every respect: design build quality and performance.
Paradigm has never shied away from building decent-sized loudspeakers and the 110cm-tall Monitor 11 v.5 should be all the evidence you need of this!
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