S stands for ‘Super Power’ according to Exposure but it could just as easily stand for ‘Second Generation’ because the 2010S is a higher-powered version of the earlier 2010.
Linn's Akurate 212 loudspeakers are notable not only for their extraordinarily high price but also because of their unique aluminium sub-assembly...
When purchasing a home theatre speaker system few consumers realise that the centre-channel speaker is the most critical and most important speaker in the entire set-up.
This 25cm cube produces seemingly miraculous levels of bass energy from one of the smallest subs we’ve ever seen. What the…?
Paradigm has never shied away from building decent-sized loudspeakers and the 110cm-tall Monitor 11 v.5 should be all the evidence you need of this!
In addition to being a headphone amplifier and a DAC that will convert your digital audio files to analogue (via a USB interface) the Black Cube Linear is also a high-end preamplifier.
The Dali Ikon 6 is rather better value than the larger more expensive Ikon 7
ProAc’s new TriTowers are like no other narrow-profile ‘tower’ speakers delivering not only superb midrange sound but also bass you’ll never previously have heard from a tower design.
Edgar Kramer isn’t easily impressed and is even more rarely at a loss for words so the fact that Boulder’s new 865 affected both these senses should have you reading this exclusive world first review.
Another Italian brand spells further bar-raising.
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