Q Acoustics delivers another high-value floorstander suitable for both stereo and multichannel systems.
If you’re after a small pair of high-performance loudspeakers that punch well above their weight, the Revel Concerta2 M16s would be an excellent choice.
B&W's high-tech Continuum cones have for the first time been integrated into the company's long-running Series 6 models. And yes, it's made a difference...
Receiving by Bluetooth, or by Wi-Fi from an optional hub of extra inputs, the Xeo 20s prove flexible as well as fine-sounding performers.
The technology is impressive — planar magnetic line-source speakers for in-wall mounting. But it’s the performance that impresses most.
‘Altum' means ‘on high’ or ‘from above’. And the Esoterix Altums do indeed deliver sound quality that seems to have come down from the heavens.
An established high-end and high-tech performer which thrilled us from top to bottom with its music delivery.
The dinky B&Ws could serve as rear speakers, but it would be a shame not to enjoy their impressive abilities as standalone hi-fi stereo speakers.
Superb-sounding, incredibly accurate speakers with super-clean, truly depthy bass, complemented by a beautifully extended treble.
Richter’s new Merlin V speakers sound bigger, better and more beautiful than I ever imagined a pair of small two-way speakers could sound
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