This soundbar comes with an impressive size of wireless sub, perhaps to justify its naming after the Norse god of thunder...
Boston’s TVee 26 combination of soundbar and wireless subwoofer needs make no excuses for its convenience. It’s compact, but sounds great.
Loading its soundbar with proprietary technologies and names, Bose proves its approaches are
This is a base, not strictly a sound bar, but its goal is the same.
With Bluetooth and HDMI inputs make this a proper connection hub.
A very different class of soundbar, requiring power and cables from an AV receiver, thereby concentrating its funds solely on speaker design.
The Panorama 2 was successful enough to break our cynicism
Smarter than your average bar - and at a remarkable price.
The soundbar concept has been with us a good few years now pioneered by Polk and Yamaha in particular but becoming more widespread as people realise that they like the idea of surround sound but not the sometimes impractical requirements of five six seven or more speaker boxes stuffing every corner of the lounge with drivers.
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