As a rule, soundbars don’t do music well, and they’re often ugly or messy to connect. Apparently Definitive Technology missed the memo.
Confirming the evolution of the soundbar by real hi-fi companies, Arcam has a high-quality pairing here, worthy of the company name.
The new top-of-the-line model in Yamaha’s long line of Digital Sound Projectors, including Atmos height channels and MusicCast multiroom abilities.
LG’s top-of-the-line soundbar and sub solution is also part of its Music Flow multiroom system. So that’s a lot of options in this two-box solution.
Cambridge Audio’s TV sound solution sits under your TV, with big downward-firing speakers delivering enjoyably full bass.
Big movie sound, effective TV sound, no duffer at music and with all the multiroom abilities of HEOS, the HomeCinema is quite the little giant.
Focal has reinvented the soundbar and subwoofer combination with the Dimension, and in sonic performance terms, it’s a great success.
The YSP-1600BSW is the first of Yamaha’s soundbars that supports the MusicCast Wireless Multiroom system. It's great value as a solution for TV and movies.
Music and movie sound from an unobtrusive bar in front of your TV, plus a wireless subwoofer. Can Denon deliver the goods?
Yamaha’s latest Digital Sound Projector is loaded with technologies more common in AV receivers than soundbars. Is this overkill?
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