Soundbars have long been a compromise — you sacrifice audio quality for the convenience of a simple bar. Sennheiser is out to change all that.
The magic word here is ‘MusicCast’, the wireless multiroom platform that puts this soundbar and sub in a streaming and expandable home music network.
“Feel the bass, hear the voice”, says JBL of its Bar 3.1, a soundbar and subwoofer combination with good connectivity and deep bass.
The smallest TV audio solution from Sonos, the Beam didn’t win us over with music, but delivered impressive sound with movies, and is smarter than the average bar...
Vertical surround and Atmos-compatibility from a small soundbar with only two drivers. Say wha?
Put down that remote control! Polk’s suitably-named Command Bar has Amazon’s Alexa capabilities built in.
Yamaha’s Digital Sound Projection with ‘Intellibeam’ sound steering’ and a wireless subwoofer, while MusicCast adds extra abilities.
This system brings soundbars back into a proper home cinema space, with real rears and bounced Atmos height channels.
A soundbar we'd recommend primarily for movies and TV, especially if you’re already using Yamaha’s MusicCast system elsewhere in the home.
The UK's Q Acoustics proves that focusing on sound is, funnily enough, a sensible strategy for a soundbar under $1000.
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