They're made of wood. We like that.
Some headphone manufacturers let their styling get in the way of comfort. Some even let their styling get in the way of sound quality. Look at AKG’s new K242HD headphones and you can see instantly that AKG doesn’t let styling get in the way of comfort. If you then listen to a pair you’ll find the company doesn’t let styling affect sound quality either!
The Digifi Opera S5 wireless earbuds are far less expensive yet use the same lossless true-CD-quality Kleer wireless transmission as the mpressive Sennheiser MX W1s.
We have been waiting for Kleer Audio Technology to appear in home headphones and are thrilled that Sennheiser has led the way.
B&W’s sumptuous P5s challenge the finest portable headphones in the world and they do it with spectacular style.
The DACport is a moveable feast. USB plug on one end headphone socket on the other.
Sennheiser’s ‘twist lock’ system solves one of the biggest problems with earphones which is keeping them in your ears particularly when exercising. Whereas all other earpieces depend on you forcing them into your ear canal Sennheiser’s twist-lock earpieces have a small ‘extender arm’ that ‘locks’ itself under the whorl of your ear.
No tech-loving traveller these days would board an aeroplane without packing a pair of noise-cancelling headphones in a zip-up carry-case. Whether you’re actually listening to music or just cancelling out the low-frequency drone of jet engines noise cancellation works
To the best of my knowledge Bose was the second manufacturer to release active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones to the consumer market shortly after Sennheiser. However Bose had been building noise-cancelling (NC) headphones for aircraft pilots for many years previously so it’s certainly entitled to cry ‘we wuz first!’ should it be so inclined.
In addition to being a headphone amplifier and a DAC that will convert your digital audio files to analogue (via a USB interface) the Black Cube Linear is also a high-end preamplifier.
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