Yes, they’re chunky — but the comfort and size issues are the only negatives we can level at the PSB M4U 2s. They sound fantastic, while the three completely different operational modes make them a multipurpose performer for home or away.
Try this Four model in quiet environments, perhaps, but stick with the One+ if you need to be heard over background.
The balance is great for the price, and a penchant for sports/jogging use may be indicated by the absurdly short cable.
We have found the Swedish JAYS brand to offer reliable performance at every price-point we’ve tested.
I was amazed to see the TDK Life on Record NC-150 active noise-cancelling headphones selling for just $59. What do you get for so little outlay?
Good facilities for the money, but not the performance to please.
Once wedged in, the earphones were so snug that I could jog quite energetically without dislodging them. However, this is also where the ‘ear hangers’ came in…
Britain’s Arcam is a bold company. Its origins and its bread-and-butter were in midrange stereo hi-fi components, and in particular a long line of award-winning amplifiers.
If you regularly listen to music using only one ear for the reasons described in this review or for any other reason, Pioneer’s HDJ-1000 headphones should be at the top of your buying list. And if you're a working DJ, what are you waiting for?
Pure has lots of portable radios, but the Move is the first that could be called hold-in-the-hand ‘personal’.
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