The price is astonishing for a product like this; we expected there to be another $100 or more on the RRP.
We fear the Bennett tag may put off as many potential purchasers as it attracts. Be not afraid; you can always wear them with an ironic smile.
As good as anything we’ve heard for $100, the PX-100 II is a classic design, with classic performance.
An excellent working headphone design.
Cracking performers at the price, with an attractive if unusual design best suited to home use.
The treble has been carefully kept sweet but mild, its openness assisted by the semi-open headshell design.
We just don’t understand the sonic choices here, particularly when other AKG designs have ranked among our all-time favourites.
Marvellously enjoyable sound quality for the price
Reasonable value for those who are forever stuck on noisy public transport commutes, then, but perhaps not a pair likely to please the picky at home.
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