Sennheiser’s $2599.95 HE 800 S headphones driven by a $2799.95 dedicated amplifier. ‘Crafted for perfection’, they say. Sheer magnificence?
From our group test of noise-cancelling headphones this issue, the Philips designs lack executive appeal, but are usefully small, nicely balanced and affordable.
From our group test of noise-cancelling headphones this issue, beautiful sounds from these Audio-Technicas.
Planar magnetic headphones which deliver the beauty of planar sound without the spill.
A high-tech and relatively high-end design, the Momentum Wireless is not cheap but proved a great success, especially in overcoming Bluetooth limitations.
What a delight — here is a reasonably-priced headphone to which we can give our full recommendation.
These high-tech Australian-designed in-ear monitors come from a team with musical roots. It shows.
Electrostatic speakers to hang on your head, with balanced cables and a dedicated Class-A driver. It’s all rather delightful.
We end up recommending these for Bluetooth use at home and wired use on the road to enjoy best performance from these headphones.
Sennheiser maintains its lead in home wireless headphones with the marvellous RS 185.
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