RoomFeel makes PSB headphones sound more like loudspeakers. Now they are wireless with noise-cancelling, does this spoil the effect?
We kept listening and Focal’s ‘Listen’ Bluetooth headphones just kept rollin’ along, without particularly moving us.
Take a successful studio monitoring headphone into the consumer space with, of course, wireless Bluetooth. One refresh too far, or something special?
After extended listening, we felt nothing but awe for the Thror, a $5600 pair of planar magnetic headphones hand-crafted in St Petersburg.
This $1999 headphone may be designed to look like an oldie, but it’s a 21st century goldie inside.
Sennheiser raises a glass to its uppermost production headphone. The results are predictably glorious.
Sennheiser’s successor to the HD 650 home headphone throws your musical windows wide open.
Single-sided cells of pulsing electrostatic goodness — a new concept from a kinda-new company delivers great delight.
At $77,999 these are the most expensive headphones in the world - though you do get an impressive valve headphone amp included. Best sound ever?
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