It’s not the world’s prettiest valve amplifier when its protective cover is in place, but if you remove it, you’ll reveal the A50T’s classic ‘valve amp’ skyline, as well as the seductive orange-red glow of the four 6550 power valves. And at the price, it’s a bargain!
There’s no disputing that the Technical Brain products are expensive. But do they offer value? That’s a relative call. Can value can be represented by a formula?
Impressed by the Aaron XX’s sound quality, performance and build quality, which is outstandingly good.
A battleship-solid looker that can handle even the toughest loudspeaker loads in its stride while at the same time producing some of the best solid-state sound I’ve heard.
The Colorfly C4 will find a welcome—and well-deserved—home in the pockets of many well-heeled audiophiles, not least because of its ability to double-up as a DAC and/or headphone amplifier for home- and office-based applications
In InCar’s last issue we featured a stunning yellow Nissan Silvia which is, more or less, an identical twin of the 200SX we get in this country. This time around we’re showcasing this superb the other doppelganger in an outstanding colour mix of golden top half and silver bottom, split with a tribal theme. Noice!
From the Breguet-styled meter needles to the ends of the speaker binding posts and all that is in between, the Momentum monos exude class
With powerful and dynamically-adept speakers, such as the ones we use, the attack can be almost scary...
This all-valve duo presents a sonic picture that is brimming with detail, dynamic contrast and body and soul. To me, that’s territory that’s tread only by truly great valve designs…
If I’d handed in Vincent’s Operating Instructions as an assignment, my old English teacher would have marked it ‘Needs Work.’ The English is mostly fractured and the pages bore ‘corrections’ in the form of poor- quality photocopies glued (though very neatly, I must admit) over the erroneous text and illustrations.
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