In InCar’s last issue we featured a stunning yellow Nissan Silvia which is, more or less, an identical twin of the 200SX we get in this country. This time around we’re showcasing this superb the other doppelganger in an outstanding colour mix of golden top half and silver bottom, split with a tribal theme. Noice!
From the Breguet-styled meter needles to the ends of the speaker binding posts and all that is in between, the Momentum monos exude class
With powerful and dynamically-adept speakers, such as the ones we use, the attack can be almost scary...
This all-valve duo presents a sonic picture that is brimming with detail, dynamic contrast and body and soul. To me, that’s territory that’s tread only by truly great valve designs…
If I’d handed in Vincent’s Operating Instructions as an assignment, my old English teacher would have marked it ‘Needs Work.’ The English is mostly fractured and the pages bore ‘corrections’ in the form of poor- quality photocopies glued (though very neatly, I must admit) over the erroneous text and illustrations.
When pondering just how audio trends have evolved over the years you’ll quickly discover that the one area experiencing the most dramatic evolution is that of the subwoofer.
Many valve amplifiers are simply poorly-made Chinese copies of designs made famous by US and UK companies, or simply ‘cookie-cutter’ circuits using generic ‘application note’ circuits. This isn't the case with Magnat's RV1.
The Unico Primo is an excellent amplifier that will tick all the boxes on any audiophile’s checklist, thanks to its high power output, low noise and distortion and, of course, most importantly, its first-rate sound quality
The aesthetic beauty of MartinLogan’selectrostatic speakers is such that they have appeared in dozens of films and TV series. Their outstanding looks and unusual design make them desirable visual fodder for art directors.
Sometimes, you can get too close to your own product. It’s the only reason I can think why Musical Fidelity would be promoting its M3i integrated amplifier with the catch-phrase: ‘high-quality, 70wpc, a bit less than half the price of the M6i.’
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