For a company that specialises in the über high-end ...the Vitus Audio RI-100 has been conceptualised as an entry point with a generous taste of the fare that resides in Vitus’ upper tiers.
Juan Carlos Candeias has created a quirky and unusual integrated amplifier that has real character, and one that will get you involved in your system… and your music… it’s certainly not a boring ‘me-too’, ‘set-and-forget’ amp!
There’s never been a better time to buy a Bryston product. And when you consider the price of the B135-SST² I’d say you’d be mad not to buy one.
This package of Canadian speakers proves as beautiful in their sonic output as they are in their fine finish and build.
The 340iDPX looked oddly familiar… looking at it I had the ol’ French/Canadian version of déjà vu…
Also destined to remain another one of life’s little mysteries is how Musical Fidelity has managed to deliver such outstandingly good performance for such a small outlay…
Polk has really hit the design nail on the head with the digital series amplifiers
“the string sound was rich, yet at the same time seemed tonally pure…”
Sound that combines the musicality of valves with the power of solid-state, presented in a beautifully executed electronic package
When you first set eyes on a Kronzilla SX your eyes will be drawn instantly to the two valves that dominate the skyline of its chassis. And why not? They’re huge! Eat your heart out Melanie Safka...
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