Fully balanced from input all the way to the output, using exactly the same MOSFET device for the positive part of the signal waveform as it does for the negative part…
I can almost hear the gasps of dismay when audiophiles take their first look at the Marantz PM-KI-Pearl-Lite. They’ll look at those tone controls on the front panel and say: ‘Tone controls? On an audiophile amplifier? Ken just has to be joking!’
When the Unison Research S6 is performing at its best, you’ll discover that its best is very good indeed, and will change the way you think about music in your home.
When you balance this with the low price and the excellent sonic performance, Rotel’s RA-1520 amplifier really is superb value for money.
For a company that specialises in the über high-end ...the Vitus Audio RI-100 has been conceptualised as an entry point with a generous taste of the fare that resides in Vitus’ upper tiers.
Juan Carlos Candeias has created a quirky and unusual integrated amplifier that has real character, and one that will get you involved in your system… and your music… it’s certainly not a boring ‘me-too’, ‘set-and-forget’ amp!
There’s never been a better time to buy a Bryston product. And when you consider the price of the B135-SST² I’d say you’d be mad not to buy one.
This package of Canadian speakers proves as beautiful in their sonic output as they are in their fine finish and build.
The 340iDPX looked oddly familiar… looking at it I had the ol’ French/Canadian version of déjà vu…
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