The Parasound P5 is a fully-featured preamplifier, and a digital-to-analogue converter, and a headphone amplifier… and also an electronic crossover!
Arcam’s A19 amplifier is a neat, well thought-out package that is wife-friendly in size, looks high class, is beautifully built and a real joy to use.
You will be very impressed: Outstanding sound quality, excellent build quality and truly moveable
This amplifier does so many things right that it’s almost as if the designers had a tick-box from an audiophile’s wish list and worked away until they’d ticked all the boxes!
It bears the same model number as previous Aragon 8008s but is a completely different design...
A revolutionary amplification product sporting a string of technologies including a novel hybrid amplification circuit.
A small form-factor vertically-oriented amplifier that’s absolutely ideal for computer-based/streaming applications.
NAD’s M51 takes the company’s recent Direct Digital amplification concept and applies it to a rather impressive DAC/preamp.
Supreme design and explosive power.
It walks the walk, it talks the talk, but it’s only gonna cost you a fraction of what the rival gangs are asking. Bring it on!
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