I was really excited by this amplifier. It has all the features I want in an amp and all the performance I demand...
The Parasound Halo is an excellent amplifier, but it’s also an excellent phono stage, an excellent headphone amplifier, and an excellent DAC plus...
It’s not powerful, it’s not impressively large, it’s not pretty, it’s not particularly well-built, it has only four line level inputs and no phono stage. But...
Could this combo truly offer the best of everything? By Tully Mansfield.
Yes, size really does matter.
Marshalls tend to be at their best when they’re at their most direct. Here’s a classic amp that has directness running through its very being.
An absolutely outstanding amplifier, which would be a bargain at its asking price even if you didn’t get a top-quality DAC into the bargain as well
The Nu-Vista 800 throws the gauntlet to top-level preamp/power amplifier separates. Musical Fidelity may have itself another integrated classic.
The best integrated amplifier ever to grace our audio testing and music-listening environment? It could be.
The company has put a good deal of thought into the Stingray’s features and the inclusion of an iPod dock
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