The superb A-S700 Shares many merits with the award winning AS-1000 at less than half the cost.
The PM7003 is very similar to the highly-awarded PM7001KI in that it too uses completely symmetrical circuitry and benefits from the use of Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAMs) which use current feedback rather than voltage feedback to enable greater dynamics particularly when the amp is driving speakers whose impedance drops below their nominal value.
Although it’s technically just a variant of a conventional power amplifier (indeed it can be used as a power amplifier if you like) Musical Fidelity refers to the 750k (and the 550k) as a ‘Supercharger’ because its raison d’etre is that it should be added to an existing audio system to ‘turbo-charge an existing power amplifier rather than to replace your existing power amplifier.
Creek’s most powerful ever stereo amp looks conventional but hides some unusual design and operational features.
Moon seems to have been playing it safe of late.
The DACport is a moveable feast. USB plug on one end headphone socket on the other.
Pioneer brings you Susano the Shinto god of wind and storms now raging within the enormous enclosure of this 10.2-channel AV amplifier.
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