Creek’s most powerful ever stereo amp looks conventional but hides some unusual design and operational features.
Moon seems to have been playing it safe of late.
The DACport is a moveable feast. USB plug on one end headphone socket on the other.
Legend has it that EveAnna Manley named the Stingray following a chance remark by the legendary J. Gordon Holt founder of Stereophile Magazine who after looking at a bar-napkin sketch of the amplifier Ms Manley had propped next to his martini declared it to look like a Stingray...
‘The Vibe’ has garnered a ‘cult’ following right around the world, so Greg Borrowman was eager to get the first one to arrive in Australia for review.
Class-D (usually called ‘digital’) amplifiers have revolutionised the science of subwoofer design. For the first time they have made it possible to deliver incredibly powerful extended bass from subwoofers that are barely larger than a milk crate.
The superb A-S700 Shares many merits with the award winning AS-1000 at less than half the cost.
In addition to being a headphone amplifier and a DAC that will convert your digital audio files to analogue (via a USB interface) the Black Cube Linear is also a high-end preamplifier.
Classé Audio's CA-M400 monobloc amplifiers from Canada were selected by Abbey Road Studios as its amplifiers of choice for a number of its studios. The very pair supplied to Australian Hi-Fi Magazine for review were prior to this located at a Sydney-based studio where they performed amplification duties during the production of the 'Happy Feet' movie soundtrack.
This amplifier from Denon delivered powerful accurate and very musical performances with all genres without audible disortion and all from whisper-quiet backgrounds.
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