Valve amplifiers are heavy. But 38kg? When the courier delivered Jungson’s DA-88Ti in its wooden crate I tried to move it with my aluminium trolley. One buckled trolley later I used my steel trolley instead. Opening the crate was like solving a Chinese puzzle. If it hadn’t been for the instructions provided by Minjie Lin of MFL who distributes Jungson in Australia I would not have discovered the concealed slats underneath the crate that need to be removed before it could be opened.
The Brits have a funny idea as to what constitutes a ‘super-power’ amplifier. I guess that when many of your country’s most famous amplifiers have power outputs of less than 50-watts per channel any amplifier with a power output above this figure is considered to qualify
Classé Audio's CA-M400 monobloc amplifiers from Canada were selected by Abbey Road Studios as its amplifiers of choice for a number of its studios. The very pair supplied to Australian Hi-Fi Magazine for review were prior to this located at a Sydney-based studio where they performed amplification duties during the production of the 'Happy Feet' movie soundtrack.
The inside of the Diablo is as much a work of art as the outside with state-of-the-art audiophile components mounted on military specification double-sided PCBs and almost no point-to-point wiring. Rated as able to deliver more than 800-watts per channel continuously into 2Ω loads it’s easily the most powerful integrated amplifier Gryphon Audio Designs has ever built.
Short on fascia long on abilities the latest CD and amp pair from the UK’s Cyrus proves both versatile and impressive.
Class-D (usually called ‘digital’) amplifiers have revolutionised the science of subwoofer design. For the first time they have made it possible to deliver incredibly powerful extended bass from subwoofers that are barely larger than a milk crate.
This amplifier from Denon delivered powerful accurate and very musical performances with all genres without audible disortion and all from whisper-quiet backgrounds.
S stands for ‘Super Power’ according to Exposure but it could just as easily stand for ‘Second Generation’ because the 2010S is a higher-powered version of the earlier 2010.
The Marantz PM7001 KI Integrated Amplifier delivers a stunningly high level of performance at a price we would not have believed possible.
This 25cm cube produces seemingly miraculous levels of bass energy from one of the smallest subs we’ve ever seen. What the…?
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