We feel rather at home with Creek’s updated stereo system.
The Quad II-eighty is a revitalised and more powerful version of Quad founder Peter Walker’s 1950s original classic the Quad II (a current version of that amplifier known as the Quad II ‘Classic’ is available with very a similar output power rating) but now given a circuit make-over and a strong dosage of steroids via valve wonder-engineer Tim De Paravicini.
Linn's 'Majik' System was named European High-End Audio Product of the Year 2006-2007. Could 50 unbiased independent judges get it wrong? Greg Borrowman investigates...
S stands for ‘Super Power’ according to Exposure but it could just as easily stand for ‘Second Generation’ because the 2010S is a higher-powered version of the earlier 2010.
This 25cm cube produces seemingly miraculous levels of bass energy from one of the smallest subs we’ve ever seen. What the…?
All other (so-called!) ‘in-wall’ subwoofers use bass drivers designed for other applications (and are thus not properly suited for in-wall use in the first place) the driver in Velodyne’s SC-IW was purpose-designed specifically for its application.
It isn’t often we get to review home theatre receivers offering 200w from each of their channels. But that is what the Sunfire TGR-3 delivers writes Stephen Dawson.
So impressive was the SupratecK Chardonnay that this reviewer couldn’t help himself—I had to have one. But of course, no obsessive/compulsive card-wielding audiophile worth his valves would dive in without pondering the quintessential archetypal question: What of the next model up, the Sauvignon?
Edgar Kramer isn’t easily impressed and is even more rarely at a loss for words so the fact that Boulder’s new 865 affected both these senses should have you reading this exclusive world first review.
PrimaLuna's Prologue One is a lovely-sounding amplifier that in every way fulfils the promise of its sensational appearance so for reviewer Chris Croft it was a case of love at first sight...
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