Krell has spread its wings, and now manufactures components other than amplifiers, of which the S-350a CD player is proof.
The Musical Fidelity AMS35i is very big, very heavy, very hot, and very expensive…but it sounds absolutely glorious and, thanks to its Class-A design, completely different…
When it comes to the operation and sound of this duo I could find absolutely nothing to criticise.
ML’s Ethos rewards with a life-like presence that stuns!
We feel rather at home with Creek’s updated stereo system.
The Quad II-eighty is a revitalised and more powerful version of Quad founder Peter Walker’s 1950s original classic the Quad II (a current version of that amplifier known as the Quad II ‘Classic’ is available with very a similar output power rating) but now given a circuit make-over and a strong dosage of steroids via valve wonder-engineer Tim De Paravicini.
Linn's 'Majik' System was named European High-End Audio Product of the Year 2006-2007. Could 50 unbiased independent judges get it wrong? Greg Borrowman investigates...
Legend has it that EveAnna Manley named the Stingray following a chance remark by the legendary J. Gordon Holt founder of Stereophile Magazine who after looking at a bar-napkin sketch of the amplifier Ms Manley had propped next to his martini declared it to look like a Stingray...
Rogue Audio’s three founders Mark O’Brien Phil Koch and Mark Walker formerly worked for Lucent Technologies which is an integral part of Bell Labs one of the heaviest hitters in the field of high-tech electronics. So it’s something of a surprise that the company has established a formidable reputation for building valve amplifiers!
What the hell is a Supercharger? More importantly what the hell does it do? Perhaps even more importantly: ‘Do you need one?’
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