Size and marital squabbles aside, I can see that many audiophiles may simply baulk at spending more than $2,000 for a 60-watt per channel power amplifier that lacks something so basic as a volume control…
It seems fitting that such an extraordinarily attractive amplifier should also have an extraordinarily attractive sound, because the Emillé Labs Cha’am is one of the most musically satisfying amplifiers I have ever auditioned
The world-famous Ken Ishiwata was allocated a larger-than-usual budget to ‘soup-up’ the Marantz PM-15S2 Integrated Amplifier so he could celebrate his third decade at the company. Thanks to the additional budget, the PM-KI Pearl ‘30th Anniversary Model’ is even more turbo-charged than his famous ‘Signature’ editions.
Yamaha’s A-S700 Integrated Amplifier is uncannily similar in size, weight, appearance, power output and sound quality to the award-winning (‘Best Amplifier 2008–9’ from the European Imaging & Sound Association) Yamaha AS-1000… but it’s less than half the price. Which meant we just had to get one in for review…
We enjoy the emotional response from this midrange pair of British-branded standmounting stereo speakers.
Krell has spread its wings, and now manufactures components other than amplifiers, of which the S-350a CD player is proof.
The Musical Fidelity AMS35i is very big, very heavy, very hot, and very expensive…but it sounds absolutely glorious and, thanks to its Class-A design, completely different…
When it comes to the operation and sound of this duo I could find absolutely nothing to criticise.
ML’s Ethos rewards with a life-like presence that stuns!
We feel rather at home with Creek’s updated stereo system.
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