Thank you for searching out Sound+Image Magazine’s equipment review of the Sony STR-DA5800ES Networked AV Receiver originally published in Sound+Image Vol70 #3 2013

Part of the review is below, but the full text and specs are available in this PDF version of the original magazine pages - it looks nicer than us throwing a load of words up the screen here: Sony STR-DA5800ES Networked AV Receiver Review.pdf



My goodness, what a wonderful home theatre receiver the Sony STR-DA5800ES is! But my goodness, what a frustrating device the Sony STR-DA5800ES home theatre receiver was, some of the time, in my review room! I’m happy to report that most of those frustrations were resolved, eventually, once certain intricate settings had been mastered. But we’ll get to that in a little while.

First, let’s just admire it. Nine — yes nine! — HDMI inputs, one of them on the front panel. Nine power amplifiers, each rated at 120W. A phono input, 4K video support, plus a preview function for up to four connected HDMI devices. A solid build with a mass of close to 18kg. A four-port network switch built in for convenient connection of your other devices. Good system integration features. Excellent zone support, complete with a dedicated HDMI output for one zone (in addition to two HDMI outputs for the main zone), and analogue video and audio available as well. And a Type-B USB port on the back — plug that into a computer and you should be able to use this receiver as a particularly impressive USB audio device for your computer.

What more could you want?

Well for one thing, HDMI inputs that have a slightly wider spacing. My HDMI cables, which don’t feature especially bulky heads, just barely squeezed in, though pushing each other somewhat askew. When selecting your HDMI cables for use with this receiver, give a high priority to ones with nice slim plastic heads around the connectors.
The receiver comes with two remotes: one a large full function model with support for macros, and the other a small ‘simplified’ one.

Sony STR-DA5800ES networked AV receiver