Thank you for searching out Sound+Image Magazine’s equipment review of the PSB Speakers Imagine speaker package Review originally published in Sound+Image May/June 2013

Part of the review is below, but the full text and specs are available in this PDF version of the original magazine pages - it looks nicer than us throwing a load of words up the screen here: PSB Speakers Imagine speaker package Review.pdf


PSB Speakers is one of remarkably many Canadian speaker companies that have come to prominence in recent decades. PSB Speakers itself was founded 40 years ago this year.

Its Imagine series is the second top of its four ranges, and this package uses the second from top pair of speakers in the series — the Imagine T Tower — and uses the bookshelf-style Imagine B, rather than bi/tripole Imagine S Surround speakers. Also included was the HD8 compact cube subwoofer.

The front Imagine T speakers are towers only in the sense that they are fairly tall for their width. At 945mm tall, they place the uppermost-mounted tweeters some 880mm from the ground, which is pretty much the right level for couch-seated listening. The tweeter is a 25mm titanium-dome unit with ferrofluid cooling. Its face has a small sound-diffusing ring over the front that would also offer some physical protection.

Underneath this are what PSB calls two ‘woofers’. But in fact this is a 2.5-way system, so the upper of the two should properly be called a bass/midrange driver. The crossover between this one and the tweeter is at 1800Hz. The lower unit seems to be physically identical with a 135mm polypropylene cone, but it handles only bass, from 800Hz down. PSB says that all the crossovers are Linkwitz-Riley fourth-order designs. Bi-wiring capabilities are provided for all the speakers via substantial gold-plated binding posts.

Each of the Imagine T speakers has two bass reflex ports at the rear, though this does not mean that there are two internal chambers. (Certainly both of the larger drivers share the same internal space — it was impossible to see into the area behind the tweeter.) One rubber bung is provided with each speaker. This can be fitted into one of the ports to tune the bass, typically softening the output a little around the normal cut-off, but gaining a slight extension. Additional bungs are available at additional cost. You also get a bung for the centre-channel speaker, but not for the Imagine B models.