Pioneer seems to have aimed this receiver at providing as many of the latest facilities as it could manage, and accompanying them with mid-level home cinema performance. The main problem with the latter is that, like the Denon but unlike the Yamaha, it cannot be enhanced in power due to the lack of preamplifier outputs.

Having said that, the built-in amplifiers are good if used with the right loudspeakers: I’d suggest speakers with a sensitivity of 91 or 92dB and eight-ohm nominal impedances. With those, this receiver opens up a wider world of content in a way somewhat similar to receivers costing a thousand dollars more.


  • Good sound performance when auto calibrated
  • Extraordinary digital connectivity for this price point
  • Zone 2 support

  • A little light power-wise
  • Can’t upgrade the power amplifier
  • No Audio Return Channel


Quoted power: No sensible specification given, but likely 7 x 65W into 8 ohms @ 0.2% THD, 20-20,000Hz
HDMI: 4 in, 1 out
Other specifications: See p44
Warranty: Three years


Contact: Pioneer Electronics Australia
Tel: 1800 988 268