The SR7007 is Marantz’s current top-of-the-line model for Australia. A full 7.1-channel unit, it isn’t cheap but it simply reeks of quality.

Each of those seven amplifiers is rated at 125W, 20 to 20,000Hz, into eight ohms at just 0.08% total harmonic distortion. The usual configuration options are available, including the ability to drive speakers in a second zone.

Eleven sets of binding posts are provided so that you can have a few different speaker configurations wired up all the time and simply switch between them. They could include the aforementioned second zone, or 7.1 channels with rear surround, or 7.1 channels with front height provided by Dolby Pro Logic IIx, or 7.1 channels with front wide speakers delivered by Audyssey DSX processing.

And speaking of zones, this receiver has not just two HDMI outputs but three. Two of them provide the usual connection flexibility for the main room (e.g. one for a projector and the other for a direct view TV panel), but the third one is for a second zone.

Aside from S-Video, just about all connection standards are provided for, including 7.1 channels of analogue input and 7.1 channels of analogue outputs (the two subwoofer connections provide identical signals). In addition you get a proper moving magnet phono front end. There’s also Marantz’s M-XPort proprietary input for certain Marantz peripherals.

New media is supported via Ethernet and a front panel USB port. What is not supported is AM radio. You get an FM tuner only for the analogue stuff. Plug in a DAB+ tuner if you’re suitably located, otherwise you can use Internet radio.

Last time I looked at some Marantz receivers I criticised them for the tiny circular front panel displays. At first glance this receiver shares the same defect. And indeed it does have just such a display. But the bottom half of the front panel is covered by a sturdy panel which folds down to reveal a number of controls, and a full sized home theatre display. So there are no complaints there.

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