Humax, a major Korean maker of digital TV receivers, has re-entered the Australian market after an absence of some years, beginning initially with a single offering, this HD twin-tuner personal video recorder, available in two versions. Here we are  looking at the 500GB unit, but for $100 more you can go for a one terabyte model, which is otherwise the same. We have already announced this as our PVR of the Year, but we have never printed a full review.

Let’s set that right!

Thank you for searching out Sound+Image Magazine’s equipment review of the Humax HDR-7500T HD PVR originally published in Sound+Image March April 2012.

This equipment review is available as a low-resolution pdf version of the original magazine pages - it looks nicer than us throwing a load of words up the screen here.

You can download it here: Humax HDR-7500T HD PVR Review.pdf