The AVR 365 is currently at the top of the AV receiver range from Harman Kardon. It has all the cool new stuff provided by HDMI 1.4, alongside Harman Kardon’s customary excellence in audio performance… at least, after you’ve intervened in one mode of operation.

Compared with the AVR 265 (reviewed in Sound+Image Best Buys 2102#1), this model has more power, as you’d expect, but also improved system integration features, plus welcome support for USB audio.

The power quoted with this model is 110W per channel, measured with two channels running, although of course there are up to seven channels available. Most of the usual amplifier configurations are provided, so you can reset the surround back amplifiers to drive a second zone, or for front ‘height’ speakers for Dolby Pro Logic IIz mode. A little unusually, there is no provision available to use them for bi-amplifying the front stereo pair of speakers.

As we noted with the lower model, Harman Kardon has been shedding connections it considers to have increasing irrelevance. So there is no support here for S-Video, nor are multichannel analogue connections provided, either for input or output. You do get two sets of component video inputs, but no matching outputs —anything piped to them is converted to HDMI output. Still, there are composite video outputs, including a video recording loop which is, perhaps, the only superfluous connectivity remaining.

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