Aside from our preference of adding a subwoofer, and a little trouble with the optional ‘Well’ for iDevices, we thoroughly enjoyed the six weeks we spent with the Elipson system. It provides genuine hi-fi results in a style-laden package, whether you run them minimalist for great and clean results, or play around as we did, ending up with them taking an optical digital feed from a computer-fed asynchronous DAC, out of the Music Center’s pre-outs into a big pre-power amp combo and back to the Planet Ls via the subwoofer. A few more cables than most buyers will desire! But it proves
the versatility of this system, as well as its natural beauty.
Jez Ford

Elipson Music Center / Planet L loudspeakers
Price: $1999 / $1199

ElIPSon Music Center
Power: 2 x 120W ICEpower (Class-D) quoted into 4 ohms, 2x 60W into 8 ohm, no distortion specs quoted
Display: LCD, adjustable/automatic brightness
Sources: DAB+/FM radio, CD
Inputs: 3 x auxiliary (2 x RCA phono,
1 x minijack), optical digital, antenna,
USB Outputs: stereo preout, subwoofer (filtered), headphone minijack
USB playback: MP3, WMA
Wireless ‘Well’ playback: 16-bit 44.1kHz from provided USB dongle or optional Apple dock connector Optional floorstand: $149

Dimensions: 330mm diameter x 73mm height
Weight: 6kg
Warranty: Two years

Epsilon Planet L
Type: bass reflex two-way coaxial drivers
Drivers: 25mm fabric-dome tweeter,
6.5-inch paper-cone mid/bass
Quoted response: 48-20,000Hz (no envelope quoted)
Stands: Table-ring provided, stands $299, wallbrackets $229, ceiling mounts
$149 each
Colours: black, white, red

Dimensions: 290mm diameter
Weight: 6kg
Warranty: Five years