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M&K’s claim to Hollywood acceptance is one thing. What the 300 Series can do with a movie soundtrack - well, that's quite another.
Acclaimed by studio engineers, does Genelec’s triple-coaxial ‘The Ones’ design transfer its strengths to the home?
It's time to look again at Loewe. New pricing makes the new German OLED TVs competitive in Australia, while still retaining their premium features.
It needs a shift in thinking to consider Meridian’s active speaker solution. But it’s precisely those differences that make them so attractive.
This $1999 headphone may be designed to look like an oldie, but it’s a 21st century goldie inside.
Sennheiser raises a glass to its uppermost production headphone. The results are predictably glorious.
The technology is impressive — planar magnetic line-source speakers for in-wall mounting. But it’s the performance that impresses most.
Yamaha’s Digital Sound Projection with ‘Intellibeam’ sound steering’ and a wireless subwoofer, while MusicCast adds extra abilities.
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