Here's your portal to discovering all the winners of the 2020 Sound+Image Awards.
Good sound, effective smarts, nice price... JBL shows why it's become such a force so rapidly in the headphone market.
Design cues and trickle-down technology yes, but the Formation Duos are something entirely new from B&W, topping the new Formation wireless audio platform.
The 900BT builds on the 700BT's performance with the same sound, same silence, and more smarts....
Soundbars have long been a compromise — you sacrifice audio quality for the convenience of a simple bar. Sennheiser is out to change all that.
We thrill to the high level of performance from this pre-power combination, and the power amp in particular.
Redesigned with new drivers and new abilities, does the second gen of Naim’s Mu-so wireless multiroom speaker maintain the magic?
The legendary Australian marque is back with the Eclipse monobloc and stereo amplifiers. Are they still the ultimate high-end amplification?
With voice or app control, streaming, inputs and power, the race is on to provide the easiest just-add-speakers plug-and-play zone of multiroom music.
Amazon has its Alexa wireless speakers, but this is its first push into the more hi-fi realm of a just-add-speakers amp.
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