Broncolor does away with cables completely for its battery-powered Siros series monoblocs which also offer the convenience of remote control via WiFi using a mobile device.
Profoto takes the convenience of auto flash exposure control into the studio as its updated D Series monoblocs get both wireless TTL and high speed sync.
Chinese company Godox shows the way ahead in speedlight design, dumping fiddly sets of AA-size batteries for a powerful lithium-ion power pack.
Profoto’s B2 combine elements of a speedlight on-camera flash system with those of an on-location studio flash system.
Elinchrom rethinks the flash monobloc, giving its new ELC models a long list of features, a wide power range with fast flash durations and an efficient menu-based operating system.
The world’s first flash monobloc with wireless TTL exposure control adds a new level of convenience to shooting on location.
It’s quite realistic that you could carry the Quadra RX kit
The Senso A2 is designed to be a no-frills piece of studio equipment with a welcome touch of style and typical Broncolor quality.
Real innovations are reasonably rare in the world of studio flash equipment but Profoto has redesigned the monobloc with its new-generation D1 series. Report by Paul Burrows.