Pentax has a lot on its plate at the moment as it supports an ‘APS-C’ format D-SLR system, two CSC model line-ups and a digital medium format system. Now, of course, under Ricoh’s stewardship, the company did a bit for all its digital camera systems at Photokina 2012, including launching a couple of new K-mount lenses. If Pentax is being stretched by having fingers in so many pies, it isn’t evident in the new products it has announced recently, including the K30 which is priced as an entry-level D-SLR, but has enough in the features list to take it all the way up the enthusiast or even semi-pro level.

The K-30 is quite a dramatic departure from the D-SLRs seen so far from Pentax which have mostly been very competent on the inside, but conservative on the outside. The K-30’s styling is all sharp edges and exaggerated angles including the faceplate for the name badge which slopes backwards like the rear window of an old Ford Anglia (Google it, if you’re too young to remember). The handgrip is quite deep and heavily sculpted, and there’s even a protruding housing for the AF assist lamp, but the really big deal is that the polycarbonate bodyshell is sealed against the intrusion of dust and moisture. This is the first time such protection has been provided on a sub-$1000 D-SLR, but it’s probably not so surprising that Pentax – the real socialist of the camera world – should make it available to buyers on a tighter budget. And it appears to be the full works too, with all joints, control junctions and openings sealed with gaskets or guard lips. Underneath all this is a stainless steel chassis so the K-30 is also very solidly built especially for an entry-level model.

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