You don’t need to be Einstein to appreciate that the digital medium format business is a difficult one. The development costs are as high as those in any other format (if not higher), but the potential sales –on which hinge profitability – are much lower due to the specialist nature of the hardware, not to mention the cost. What’s needed, of course, is more buyers so everybody is eying off the potentially lucrative top-end of the enthusiast sector.
If you thought the Pentax K-7 was packed with features then meet the K-5 which has even more goodies plus, just for good measure, a higher resolution sensor with significantly increased sensitivity. Report by Paul Burrows.
Pentax has put a fairly aggressive cat in amongst the digital medium format pigeons and made 40 MP resolution extremely affordable, but does it have everything it needs to operate in this sector? Report by Paul Burrows.
Phase One has designed the Achromatic+ as a pure B&W-only capture device and the digital equivalent of the scientific B&W films. Report by Paul Burrows.
Leica’s track record with its ‘home grown’ digital cameras has been a bit patchy at best but it all comes together beautifully in the M9; the world’s first digital RF camera with a 35mm-sized sensor. Report by Paul Burrows.
Ricoh’s out-of-left-field interpretation of the compact system camera brief has had a slow start but the arrival of new lens modules and a welcome revision of local pricing should help generate more interest. Report by Paul Burrows.
The A900 upped the ante in pro-level D-SLR value-for-money and now the A850 lops another grand off the bottom line with very little impact of performance or capabilities. Report by Paul Burrows.
Sony’s much-anticipated assault on the top-end of the D-SLR market is spear-headed by a camera that’s a fascinating combination of traditional styling and state-of-the-art technologies. Report by Paul Burrows.
Canon promises high ISO performance and high resolution with its Mk.II EOS 5D but does it deliver? Paul Burrows finds out.
Entry-level D-SLRs continue to offer phenomenal value for money as evidenced in Olympus’s ‘new and improved’ E-420. Report by Paul Burrows.
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