If you thought the Pentax K-7 was packed with features then meet the K-5 which has even more goodies plus, just for good measure, a higher resolution sensor with significantly increased sensitivity. Report by Paul Burrows.
Pentax has put a fairly aggressive cat in amongst the digital medium format pigeons and made 40 MP resolution extremely affordable, but does it have everything it needs to operate in this sector? Report by Paul Burrows.
Phase One has designed the Achromatic+ as a pure B&W-only capture device and the digital equivalent of the scientific B&W films. Report by Paul Burrows.
You know all is well with the world when you can again buy the traditional ‘fast fifty’ although Sigma’s revival of a classic design is packed with the latest technology. Report by Paul Burrows.
Ricoh is addressing one of the biggest issues keeping digital compacts off the radar for professionals – the limited dynamic range of very small sensors.
Real innovations are reasonably rare in the world of studio flash equipment but Profoto has redesigned the monobloc with its new-generation D1 series. Report by Paul Burrows.
Combining the extreme protection of a hard case with the portability of a backpack the Italian-made HPRC 3500 makes a lot of sense if you’re carrying camera gear into challenging environments.
The digital compact camera market is more fiercely competitive than ever but Ricoh had carved out a nice little niche for itself with models aimed primarily at enthusiasts and pros. Report by Paul Burrows.
Now largely a German venture Hartblei has gone to Zeiss to make the optics for its ingenious 360-degree rotating tilt/shift lenses for 35mm SLR/D-SLR systems.
Advances in inkjet printing may be becoming more incremental than monumental but there’s still a need to remain competitive hence Canon’s upgrade of its pro-level A3+ model. Report by Trevern Dawes.
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