The Senso A2 is designed to be a no-frills piece of studio equipment with a welcome touch of style and typical Broncolor quality.
Canon’s G-series PowerShots have been popular with professionals and enthusiasts alike.
As expected, Fujifilm has introduced a black version of its hugely popular FinePix X100 retro-style digital camera, but it’s restricted to a limited edition run.
Fujifilm’s digital camera renaissance continues with its first ‘mirrorless’
Excellent ergonomics has always been a strong point of Nikon’s higher-end SLRs, both in the 35mm era and now with the digital models. The D3-series models are particularly good in this regard and the D4 brings further improvements.
Until recently Ricoh was small fry in the digital camera business (although the company itself is huge), specialising mostly in higher-end compacts and forging its own way in the CSC sector with its unique GXR.
You don’t need to be Einstein to appreciate that the digital medium format business is a difficult one. The development costs are as high as those in any other format (if not higher), but the potential sales –on which hinge profitability – are much lower due to the specialist nature of the hardware, not to mention the cost. What’s needed, of course, is more buyers so everybody is eying off the potentially lucrative top-end of the enthusiast sector.
If you thought the Pentax K-7 was packed with features then meet the K-5 which has even more goodies plus, just for good measure, a higher resolution sensor with significantly increased sensitivity. Report by Paul Burrows.
Pentax has put a fairly aggressive cat in amongst the digital medium format pigeons and made 40 MP resolution extremely affordable, but does it have everything it needs to operate in this sector? Report by Paul Burrows.
Phase One has designed the Achromatic+ as a pure B&W-only capture device and the digital equivalent of the scientific B&W films. Report by Paul Burrows.
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