In typical Pentax fashion, the K-30 brings a higher-end D-SLR feature in to a lower price point, namely a weather-proofed bodyshell. It packs a lot of capabilities on the inside as well.
The pro-level A99 and its 35mm-sized sensor eriously challenge Canon and Nikon in the D-SLR market
Zeiss have worked closely with both Fujifilm and Sony to ensure seamless integration.
It’s a brave – and presumably very confident – Tamron that’s decided to throw its hat into the ring with an SP-series 24-70mm f2.8 zoom.
Pentax has been particularly bold with, firstly, the diminutive Q, and now the K-01.
The S is an upgraded of Leica’s S2 digital medium format D-SLR
Who said film was dead? Somebody obviously forgot to tell Fujifilm
The 5D Mark II gave Canon a valuable entry into the pro video market and it was hugely popular with stills photographers too.
Like its big brother, then, the X-E1 is hugely enjoyable to use and very much a ‘camera person’s’ camera.
Sony balances size and functionality with its NEX-series flagship
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