Chinese company Godox shows the way ahead in speedlight design, dumping fiddly sets of AA-size batteries for a powerful lithium-ion power pack.
Profoto’s B2 combine elements of a speedlight on-camera flash system with those of an on-location studio flash system.
Elinchrom continues to refine its portable studio flash products. This Quadra battery-powered location pack is the most compact and capable yet.
You can moveup to 4K resolution without breaking the bank via ViewSonic’s new 27-inch LED-backlit 4K monitor screen.
Epson is in the process of revamping its photo printer range under the new SureColor branding with new styling and a range of small but nonetheless important revisions.
The upgraded version of the E-M5 confirms Olympus is back in the big league when it comes to high-end cameras.
The Epson SureLab SL-D700 is designed for high-speed and medium-volume printing operations.
The 645D set the standard for affordability in digital medium format camera systems. Now the 645Z redefines it.
Four tracks of HD audio with great versatility and a hot-shoe mount for your camera. What’s not to like?
Elinchrom rethinks the flash monobloc, giving its new ELC models a long list of features, a wide power range with fast flash durations and an efficient menu-based operating system.
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