The choice of battery-powered studio flash systems – both monoblocs and packs – has increased signifi cantly over recent years, but in many cases the enhanced portability seems to come at a premium price. And if this equipment is only used at locations where mains power isn’t available, it can end up being a fairly expensive investment. But what if it was possible to run your AC-powered equipment in a DC-power environment? This is the attraction of the LP-750 portable power inverter from Glanz and distributed in Australia by FVE. The LP-750 is roughly the same size as a small flash power pack and it uses slot-in/slot-out interchangeable battery packs in a similar fashion to a battery-powered pack. However, it’s an inverter so it converts the DC output to the AC waveform and, instead of a set of flash head connections, it has three AC sockets each with a universal pin configuration. The continuous output power is 750 watts which means the LP-750 can drive a wide selection of studio flash equipment up to a flash power rating of 3000 joules with a recycle time of two to three seconds. The LP-750 will maintain recycle times over one second to five seconds provided the flash power is within a prescribed range. The AC output sockets are in parallel so each of them can operate at the maximum power.

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