Who said film was dead? Somebody obviously forgot to tell Fujifilm which has recently introduced a second 120/220 rollfilm rangefinder camera, this time with a wider-angle lens.

It’s been quite a while since Fujifilm discontinued its original G-series medium format rangefinder cameras which were highly prized by those who discovered them, but otherwise always seemed to play second fiddle to the more glamorous models like the 6x8cm SLRs. Then, in 2009, Fujifilm quietly slipped the GF670 Professional onto the market and it’s clearly done enough business since then to warrant the introduction of the GF670W... the ‘W’ suffix naturally standing for ‘wide-angle’.

With the FinePix X100 now very much Fujifilm’s glamour product – and generating high anticipation about what might happen next – the new GF-series film camera might just get overlooked again, but then maybe not. The X100 has had professionals and advanced amateurs beating a path to Fujifilm’s door where, to the surprise of some, they discover that the GF670 and GF670W exist... so there is a ‘spin-off’ effect at work. As it happens, the X100 and GF670W actually make quite complimentary companions in a camera bag and a rather small one at that.

Thank-you for looking up our review of the Fujifilm GF670W Professional. This equipment review is currently available only as a low-resolution pdf version of the original magazine pages originally printed in the May - June 2012 issue

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