The original X100 was brilliant, but not flawless. With the updated X100S Fujifilm has addressed all the major issues very effectively, creating a camera that’s even harder to resist.

It’s now on record that Fujifilm had no idea how the market would respond to the X100, but it had to do something to reconnect with the enthusiast and professional sectors after not being able to continue with its D-SLR program. Of course, the camera was an instant hit, confirming Fujifilm was on the right track (the X-Pro1 would have been well along its development path at the time) and showing the rest of the world how to do a fixed-lens high-end digital compact camera properly.

In the intervening period Fujifilm has built a family of X Series cameras to suit different applications and the idea of pairing a bigger sensor with a high-quality prime lens to create the 21st century street camera has been repeated by Sony with its ‘35mm’ RX1. It’s logically the closest rival to Fujifilm’s Mark II X100 except that it’s over twice the price and certainly not twice the camera given the numerous improvements embodied in the new model. Fujifilm’s challenge has been to maintain the momentum created by the X100 because, to some extent, this is crucial to the success of the rest of the X Series line-up, but also because a best-seller is always very good for business.

There must have been a bit of head-scratching in the design department as to exactly how the X100 should evolve, but firstly – and very sensibly – Fujifilm has stuck with the ‘X100’ model designation. The rumour mill suggested there might be an ‘X200’, but the reality is that the original model has built such a substantial reputation, it was a no-brainer to build on this rather than starting all over again. So, simply, an ‘S’ suffix is added. Also a no-brainer was retaining the original styling – Fujifilm got it so right originally why make changes simply for the sake of making changes? A small ‘S’ badge on one corner of the front panel is really the only give-away externally. $1449 Type: Fixed prime lens digital compact camera with hybrid optical/electronic eyelevel viewfinder.

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