QSC's latest subwooder promises to be lightweight, but still legit with the low-end.
Olympus ups the ante significantly in the contest to lure sports and action shooters away from their D-SLRs.
The price tag drops it right in the middle of stiff competition from all the key mirrorless camera protagonists, but Nikon’s Z 6 looks to be up to the challenges. To start with, it has many of the Z 7’s goodies.
Jackson recreates one of Iron Maiden legend Adrian Smith’s main stage guitars in a more affordable version.
A new generation of projectors from Epson uses a powerful combo of brightness and colour to deliver images that can rival true UHD.
Yamaha takes a little from the past and a little from the present to create the guitar of the future.
AV receivers ain’t what they used to be. They’re so much more! In addition to big movie power, this Denon is a music machine — it even likes a nice chat.
From UHD Blu-ray down to video CD, Pioneer’s LX500 premium-level disc player spins the lot with pride.
Music Man takes a workhorse guitar up a level (or five).
Bluesound’s latest ‘2i’ generation Vault aims for reliable hard-drive-based playback, along with all the streaming and multiroom benefits of BluOS.
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