They label it a ‘smart display’, but the speakers are as integral to the success of JBL’s Link View.
Not fancy on the outside, but pretty fancy inside, and its sound is breathtakingly beautiful...
Petrucci and Music Man come up with a road-ready hotrod.
The Gibson SG Standard may be an American guitar, but there’s something very Aussie about it, and you know why. Here’s the latest version.
The best information display I have ever seen!
Redefining the humble tremolo... In purple!
All the music you play though them will sound great!
Fender pushes out a new update to its Mustang GT line of amplifiers, featuring some much-requested new amp models.
Alex Wilson casts his eye over this buffet of boutique overdrive.
If your tastes lean to the unusual and the exotic, this Swiss pre/power combo should be causing your radar to blip excitedly...
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