Morley takes their iconic fuzz sound – as used by Metallica bass legend Cliff Burton – and splits it off from the wah-wah that it usually rides with.
The Simaudio Moon Neo 230HD headphone amplifier/DSD DAC has all the features that I consider vital for a DAC that you intend to use with a computer.
When one of the world’s most experienced mainstream guitar makers teams up with one of the finest custom luthiers, cool stuff is bound to happen.
Alex Wilson checks out this hot-rodded rock machine from one of today’s biggest upstart amp companies.
Audio Analogue AAcento Amplifier Review & Test
Yamaha’s Digital Sound Projection with ‘Intellibeam’ sound steering’ and a wireless subwoofer, while MusicCast adds extra abilities.
There’s Bluetooth here, but otherwise a traditional set of analogue inputs and radio tuners. And for the price, excellent hi-fi performance.
A true cinematic experience from a hidden speaker system that brings the real concepts of commercial cinema to the home.
Positive Grid takes its BIAS Head and shrinks it right down to ‘chuck it in your gigbag’ size.
Bigscreen projection made easy in a neat short-throw Epson model that sits right by the screen.
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