“Feel the bass, hear the voice”, says JBL of its Bar 3.1, a soundbar and subwoofer combination with good connectivity and deep bass.
Definitely worth the wait, but there’s now quite a bit of ground to make up on its better established rivals. It can do it, and here’s why.
The Audio-Technica AT-LP7 is very likely the best turntable any manufacturer has ever built that sells at the price Audio-Technica is currently asking...
The smallest TV audio solution from Sonos, the Beam didn’t win us over with music, but delivered impressive sound with movies, and is smarter than the average bar...
B&W DB1D Subwoofer Review & Test
Vertical surround and Atmos-compatibility from a small soundbar with only two drivers. Say wha?
We kept listening and Focal’s ‘Listen’ Bluetooth headphones just kept rollin’ along, without particularly moving us.
Yamaha shows just how much can be achieved in an entry-level stereo receiver loaded with the latest technologies.
We’re Victory. We heard you like amps, so we built an amp you can play inside your amp while you play your amp.
Marantz pitches the ultimate source — a CD player with digital inputs and the big bonus of networking and HEOS streaming/multiroom platform built in...
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